Melodio (semi-serif)

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Hi all. After lurking for a while, I've decided to post an in-progress font for review and criticism. My intent for it is to be usable at body sizes, and I'd love to get the hints done well enough for it to be usable on-screen. It will be OpenType with TrueType contours.

There are more glyphs created than I'm showing here, but this ought to be enough of a sample to get some feedback on. Please let me know if you need anything else from me.

Thanks! I appreciate your help.



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Check if 6 and 9 are falling down on one side.
Number 5 in old style doesn't look good, looks pretty deformed.

P.S. - You could show some better quality image, with nicer edges. Looks like it's made in PS.

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Thanks, tourdeforce.The oldstyle figures are very much an afterthought. I should have excluded them from the sample until I am happier with them.

I've edited the original post with a link to a pdf.


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Great design!

P and smallcap P have a heavy spot at the bottom of the bowl, where it's more curved on the outside and more straight on the inside. Pick one.

4 is light. S is a little light on top. Lowercase s is light all over and needs a lot of curve work.

There is just a bit of a lump on the outer lower left of the bowl of g and q. There is also something wobbly about the parentheses that I can't quite put my finger on.

By whatever accident, the right square bracket is heavier than the left one. Obvious when you look at it, but I know how easy it is to never look at your brackets again.

Since you intend this for body use, your asterisk should default to a superscript form. But hold onto the big one as an alternate; some people will want it for something.

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@cerulean: Thanks for the feedback! I see what you're talking about in each case. I'll get to those corrections. The large asterisk results from the years I've spent looking at fonts in Visual Studio -- I like a large asterisk. But I think your suggestion about making the superscript version the norm makes good sense. If I ever do a monospaced version for use in text editors, I'll make the full-height one the norm then.


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I've made the suggested changes (except making the 4 heavier, which I totally overlooked). I've got it roughly kerned the way I like, but there's more work to do on that. I'm about to dive into hinting.

Again, feedback is greatly appreciated.

The latest: melodio sample 3


P.S. - I think allowing auto-hyphenation on German with English as my default language has caught me on "Grundbegriffen". Oops!

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This is the first time I've created Eth, eth, Thorn, and thorn for a font. I followed the advice of Sig­urður Ármanns­son here. Here's how that turned out, showing the glyphs they're based on:

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