TypeDNA ready to try for MAC

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New from TypeDNA is the unique and powerful standalone Font Manager and the unique Plugged-in® solution for Adobe's CS.

The TypeDNA Font Manager and TypeDNA Plugged-in® solution help you find the font you want to use fast. TypeDNA includes tools that offer sophisticated character analysis. During installation each font is analyzed, characteristics are determined and from this data a unique font signature is generated. The easy to use interface provides several unique tools that will really like your fonts. Each tool can be used independently or combined for extremely powerful browsing and font selection, direct within your CS5 design applications.

Tools include: Similar Fonts, Font Harmony, Attribute Filters and SmartChoice.


Note: The Font Manager is fully operational without Adobe CS5, having CS5 will allow you to also run the Font Manager and its tools within Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5 and InDesign CS5.

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