Critic eyes are needed to my Thorn

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I am finishing the works in my next font, Penabico. I appreciate criticis to my aesthetic soluton to the Thorn, image attached

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Sig­urður Ármanns­son, an Icelander, is very helpful with Thorns and Eths.

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Thanks, Coles. I did write too to Gunlaugur Se Briem, (I am fan of his work). I will contact Sig­urður. Think you he will answer to me?

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Without a doubt.

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Thanks, Stephen. However, I dont find the email from him into now. My email is - if you have the e-mail from Ármannsson, can you send to me using my email to avoid overall exhibition in these pages ?

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Hi Paulo. My email is

Just looked at the png file. What I see looks good, but it would be nice to be able to compare the P and p to Thorn and thorn. Similarly it would be interesting to see D and Eth and o versus eth if they are included.

As for Icelandic interests I would not mind to know if Yacute and yacute get the same kerning and metrics as Y and y. (I've been bumping into this problem lately.

Please feel free to feed me with material. I can give my comments based on plain png's but my favorites are of course .vfb, but I know that is much to ask for. Exported eps of those glyphs would also be great.


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Here are some points about the Icelandic glyphs. I have written about this for regular fonts ( )but not yet for script fonts.

Eth. Should be based on the D. Same metrics should apply. The stroke usually is fine from the hyphen but sometimes it's better to watch the crossbar on the H.

eth. This one is the hardest. Usually I base it on the o. In script fonts this can be tricky as the tail up needs some thickness that needs to be balanced against the stress on the other side of the o. No connection to next glyph, because when you are writing you interrupt the process when you to the stroke. Well, some delay making the stroke until the word is done but this connection looks really odd when the eth is the last character (which is very common).

Thorn. Based on the P with the belly positioned in the middle or just above. Size of the belly may be a little bit bigger then the P one, but balance is what counts.

thorn. Based on the p with the stem going as high as the descenders. In script fonts the belly can be either like the one on the p but I find it usually nicer to make it rounder, draw the stroke to the stem and then back into a connection. Taste applies.

The other Icelandic glyphs are Yacute and yacute. Should use same metrics as Y and y.

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