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I posted a few months ago about an ambigram I created of my full name. I removed the post from the forum because my name was coming up first in google image search which was a little scary. I have simplified the ambigram in hopes of making it easier to read (I eventually want to put this on an orientation independent business card). I was hoping someone could give me some pointers on the typography aspect of my second pass. I started on paper, then put it into Inkscape (recommended last time I posted). I tried to keep all the letters the same height, but keeping width and spacing was difficult because some of the letters have to be multiple letters when flipped upside down. If anyone wants to play around with it (I can send the vector graphic too) or has any advice, I'd really appreciate it.

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I can't read it at all. Looks like Scoffdaylily?

I may be completely lost here, but this isn't really an ambigram, is it? The entire right half of the word isn't anything until you flip it around. This is basically a (messy) word that is then duplicated, flipped, and attached on the other end. Couldn't you do that with any word?

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I actually think it reads Scott (it does look more like Scoff however)-something-hersson, but have to agree it looks a bit messy & hard to read.
If you want some advice on where to take this, telling us what it's suppossed to read might be a good starting point. Once we know what to look for it'll be easier to see where it's not really working & we might come up with some pointers to help you solve that.

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Thanks for the honesty, I know it needs work. Any constructive suggestions are very much appreciated.

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My best guess was "Pybersson". To rescue the middle you'll have to pull it apart into more distinct pieces. I suggest: il=b, e=o, R=R.

tt=ts is an unavoidable choice and it's tough. It's probably best to give up any "matching" essiness in the t=t. Maybe try something like a small narrow T S with an underline that makes the top of TT.

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