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I make a new font. the small letters am finished kerning and spacing am not yet made. What thinks it of it?

sorry for this bad english :-)

new face by fontboutique

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it looks pretty good overall. i agree about the round dots.
they just don't seem natural.

I think "y" is out of place. everything else has a smooth transition,
like the "b" & "p" mentioned above, but "y" has that metaesque ink
trap thing where the two stems meet.
for what i'm talking about.

"s" and "c" seem to be either leaning or shifting off the baseline.

it may be just my monitor, but the bowls of b, d, g, p, and q
seem to be flexing to the inside of the glyph.

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I like the flavor of this very much. It seem like some of the verticals are optically weak compared to the horizontals. See the o, f. Could just be the gif.

Ok. I really need to get some work done!


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kann auch nur schlechtes englisch! Sollen doch mal die anderen ein W

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thanks for your comments. here is an update with detail changes.

test_06.swf (15.5 k)

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nice heinrich!

i think you could just make the crossbars on f
and t to actually "cross" the vertical strokes...

and the dots: they should be square and higher.

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>> i think you could just make the crossbars on f
and t to actually "cross" the vertical strokes...

and/or shorten them a bit from the right side. I think that in the instance of the word 'voltage' which you show, having a bit of a cross-stroke could help with spacing issues? maybe. or supply alternates.

in the lowercase 'r', where the stem and the stroke connect, I think it is a bit thin. maybe? and the lowercase 's' seems to be slanting to the left a bit too much as well.

this is really nice. can't wait to see the uppercase.

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