new font I am working on....

Hello everyone,
I've been working on a font for a while and I want to take it into a development program to become functional.
However, I want the shapes to be as refined as possible before offering it to the world.

Please be critical, I am taking all comments into consideration.

If you'd like a closer view of a letter or letters please ask and I can attach additional files for critiquing.

Thank you

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also, please ignore the kerning. for now these letters are just Illustrator shapes not properly spaced.

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Looks great? Any figures? And I would make it slighly bolder...

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here are a few numerals I've played with. I'm not set on any of them.

I have also an ampersand and the makings of punctuation.

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Great start, Matt!

A few things at first glance:
Lower bowl of /B/ could be wider.
/K/ is off balance
/R/ is too narrow
/S/ and /s/ look upsidedown
/W/ is a little wide
descenders on /p/, /q/ and /y/ are too long

I myself have recently started drawing type in FontLab, a really great tool, I can recommend it. Consider this software before 'finishing' the design in some other programme, after which you'll have to import all glyphs into FontLab (or similar software) anyway.

Keep going!

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A recent tutorial on Typographica may help you avoid some of the common pitfalls when using geometry in type design.

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here is the ampersand

check out for other updates.

thanks for your help.

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Crossbars on f and t are too high!

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@1985 fixed!

putting this into development today.

hopefully be able to release a beta to you guys soon

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