Help Adobe pick its next round of web fonts

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Do you have ideas about Adobe's next web fonts release? Let us know what you'd like to see.

It would be nice if those interested in making suggestions would read Christopher's full blog post linked to above and comment on our blog. But if you're in a hurry, we can take comments here as well. However, please choose only from the following list:

Alexa Std
Arno Pro
Balzano Std
Banshee Std
Bell Centennial Std
Bickham Script Pro*
Birch Std
Blackoak Std
Brioso Pro
Brush Script Std
Caflisch Script Pro*
Caliban Std
Adobe Caslon Pro
Century Old Style Std
Chaparral Pro*
Charlemagne Std
Cooper Black Std*
Copal Std
Coriander Std
Cottonwood Std
Courier Std
Cronos Pro*
Cutout Std
Flood Std
Fusaka StdGaramond Premier Pro*
Adobe Garamond Pro*
Giddyup Std
Graphite Std
Hobo Std
Hypatia Sans Pro*
Immi Five O Five Std
Ironwood Std
Adobe Jenson Pro
Juniper Std
Kepler Std
Letter Gothic Std
Lithos Pro
Madrone Std
Mesquite Std
Minion Pro*
Myriad Pro*
Mythos Std
News Gothic Std*
Nueva Std
Orator Std
Ouch! Std
Pepperwood Std
Poetica Std
Ponderosa Std
Poplar Std*
Postino Std
Prestige Elite Std
Quake Std
Rad Std
Rosewood Std*
Sanvito Pro
Shuriken Boy Std
Stencil Std
Strumpf Std
Symbol Std
Tekton Pro
Adobe Text Pro*
Toolbox Std
Trajan Pro*
Utopia Std
Viva Std
Voluta Script Pro*
Warnock Pro
Willow Std
Wood Type Ornaments Std
Zebrawood Std

(*) Denotes font families already available as web fonts, in full or in part.


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Put in my vote for Cronos.

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Stewf, any particular styles? Some of them are up on Typekit already.

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Most interested in seeing if the Caption version enhances its performance at small sizes.

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