Ultra high contrast serifs two parter...

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Ok folks, a two parter here.

First, what are your favourite ultra high contrast serif fonts (and their sans serif compliments if you wish).

And secondly (and the reason I'm asking), what sans would ya'll recommend pairing with Bodoni Poster that ISN'T Futura or Avenir?

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1. I don't really have favorites, but this is nice.
2. Franklin Gothic, but both are rather uninspiring.

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Thats a great list Stephen, now all I have to do is convince my company to buy me Austin Ultra. Although the 3 & 5 in Eloquent are pretty near perfect...

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2. I'd combine a (rather rough) Grotesk or Grotesque with regular, closed shapes with it like Akzidenz Grotesk, FF Bau, Monotype Grotesque, FF Dagny, Folio, Imago, News Gotic, Venus, Vectora, Bureau Grotesque, etc.

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Why you don't try the free AW Conqueror Didot mixed with the Sans?

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