What's this type used in 1940 edition book?

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Hey everyone, I have this book, Christian Theology by H. Orton Wiley printed in 1940 and I was wondering what the fonts are.

I think the cover is Gill Sans - but I'm not certain.

On the title page there seems to be something like Memphis - but again, I'm not sure.

The other serifs I just can't pick - but serifs are always what I find hardest to ID.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Simon... do you have all three volumes?

Sorry. I was more excited to see that you have the Trilogy, possibly.

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Yes I do, I got them for free as well!

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Pic added to list.

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I am missing volume 2... my father's collection.

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I think the sans is Tempo

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Would love to find the 1896 printing of In His Steps.

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@david - this tempo?

@michael - i've not heard of it sorry.

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Yes, that's the family. Image 1 is bold; Image 2 (italic) is medium.

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thanks david :-)

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Simon, the sans on the INSIDE cover (image 2) is W.D. Dwiggins' Metromedium with it's Italic cut, which I believe was the inspiration behind Geometric 415 Medium.
I found this link on the web which shows a scan-to-font version of it http://www.eaglefonts.com/metro-medium-oblique-hplhs-ttf-95512.htm

The text face is I think C.H. Griffith's Excelsior.

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Thanks Angus!

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