Juan Gris. by Studio Astrid Stavro

Hey guys.

I'm trying to identify this font from Studio Astrid Stavro.

I tried ITC Caslon...
but it doesn't seem to look the same.

Needing this font badly for my project...
A little help from here would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you guys!!!


It's ITC Grouch. Unfortunately, the only distributor that has it, Bitstream, is not allowed (by ITC) to distribute it. However, it was included on the Bitstream TypeShop CD-ROM back in the nineties. You may be able to find a copy of that on eBay or somewhere.

(It baffles me that ITC prohibits Bitstream from distributing it, yet does not offer it itself. There are a few other early ITC fonts that fall into this legal purgatory at Bitstream, such as ITC Gorilla and ITC Grizzly. ITC has also not seemed interested in releasing digital versions of it's early display fonts, such as ITC Bernase, ITC/LSC Book, ITC/LSC Caslon, ITC Caslon Headline, LSC Condensed, ITC Didi, ITC Milano, ITC Tom's Roman, ITC Firenze and more. Many of these are regularly sought after here on Typophile.)

I'm pretty sure at least one old version of Corel Draw (8?) had these fonts too.

- Lex

Yep: Grouch BT here on Corel Draw 7 CD. Likewise Gorilla and Grizzly.

While wondering about the fate of some of the early ITC faces, somewhat similarly I ponder the fate of some of the small and apparently short-lived (Carnase) WTC collection. Favrile I've only seen pirated. WTC Goudy (is to Goudy OS as ITC Garamond is to metal Garamonds) & Our Bodoni have shown up recently (MyFonts says owned by ATF/Kingsley; ITC & Fonts.com say URW), but why not the full "library"?

Thank you so much for the info shared.

You guys really helped out a lot.

But, if say, ITC Grouch is not available anymore, meaning, the option to purchase is no longer valid as well?

any of you guys have such a font in your system???

It would be EXTREAMLY appreciated if you could send them to my email.


only if it's not too much as a favor to ask.
I will still search around the internet see if i can get this font.


You could shoot an old Corel Draw CD at Ebay and use the font as legally as can for the rest of your live.