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AAA Berthold Akzidenz needed

I need Berthold Akzidenz Font Family for a freelance work. I was looking after it in all web-resources I know, with no success. Is there anybody willing to post me a rapidshare link, hence I am not willing to pay almost 200€ for the font Family.



If it’s for a freelance job, the first thing you should learn, and make sure your clients understand, is that fonts don’t grow on trees.
They cost money, just as software and work.

Sara, are you aware Typophile is a community of type designers? Not only are you asking us to help you steal, you are also posting under full name and (website) address.

…and also posting on the wrong section of the forums ;-)

Heh - I'm not sure there is a "right" section of these forums for this request!

Right, right.

It's really hard at the beginning. Clients pay dumping salaries, time spent is three times as much because all has to be learned. And fonts are extremely expensive. Full risk, no guarantees.

I will use free fonts from now on. And may it's time for an internship in a serious typographers studio.

Is there any free alias of berthold akzidenz?

no there isn't a section for "fraudolent use of type" :p

If you tell us what you want to use it for, perhaps we can offer some suggestions. Most projects won’t require a full family either, so that might lower the cost for you. You can’t purchase single weights of Akzidenz Grotesk, but a lot of other foundries will let you with their fonts.

When I hear people say “I am not willing to pay $$$ for fonts!” I suspect they’ve grown custom to the idea that fonts aren’t valuable. A typical font collection (among freeloaders) might consist of thousand of fonts. The thought of paying for all that seems daunting at first, but great designers don’t become great because they have a lot of fonts.

And fonts are extremely expensive.

No. Some might have a higher price tag than others, but they are almost always worth the expense.

URW Grotesk is an often overlooked alternative from the same genre. You can pick single weights for $19.95, or license the whole thing (59 fonts!*) for as little as $99.

*) That number is bloated, as small caps come as separate fonts. There are both italics and obliques for some weights (you don’t need the latter), and certain styles seem – apart from the spacing – identical to me (see Condensed Light vs. Condensed Extralight). Also, the characterset might not be up to par with recent OpenType releases. Still, you get a pretty decent and versatile Grotesk workhorse, for a small budget.

Linotype have a version of Akidenz Grotesk (based on the original which was drawn long before digital fonts came into existence) called Basic Commercial. They offer single weights.

I need Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk BQ (Bold, maybe also Regular). I'm using it for a Book cover. 20 euros sounds realistic, also 40 euros for two diffrent weights. I could put it on charge. On myfonts only whole family!


^ ^

Yes. Basic Commercial!

Of course, beg you pardon, was in a rush!