Suggestion on Tracking Helvetica on Poster

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Suggestion on Tracking Helvetica on Poster

Hi guys,
I am doing a small poster 50x70 cm size (19.6 x 27.5 inches), very classic and clean. The design is approved by the client and tomorrow morning it will enter in press.

Here is the poster

However, i have some concerns about a good Tracking (and kerning) and any advice on that will be appreciated. I am using for most of the stuff.

Helvetica Neue Lt Std
85 Heavy
45 Light

-25 Tracking for small text in Helvetica Heavy
-50 Tracking for large Headline text in Helvetica Heavy
0 Tracking for Helvetica Light

and for subheads and contact info

Centennial LT Std
46 Light Italic
75 Bold

0 tracking/kerning

Thanks for any idea or suggestions.