Blackletter typeface

These are screen captures from the movie Twilight. I have identified all but three of the fonts used in the scene in which Bella trawls the internet for information about vampires, and the names of the three remaining unidentified fonts are driving me crazy! This, of course, is one of them. Now, I assume this is a font, although I have noticed that the two lowercase d's of the word "undead" have been modified (as is the case with some of the other fonts used in the aforementioned scene), but the rest looks the same to me. If you have any idea what this font might be, please let me know. Thanks in advance!


Hm. Several characters match Deutchische by Bumbayo Font Fabrik, but not all.

Thank you SO much, Atwe! Yes, not all the characters match -- possibly because the font was altered somewhat -- but most of the characters do match, though. However, the copy of Deutschische I downloaded from DaFont doesn't work in MS Word.