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Hi Everyone,

I'm brand new to typography and just starting my first typography 1 course; one of our assignments is to find print examples of typefaces from a list composed by my instructor. I've found nearly all of them (14/18) but I'm having trouble finding these last 4. I just bought the latest editions of In Style, Details, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour to try and find adverts with these typefaces but I'm not really having any luck training my eye up. I've spent the last two days combing through newspaper adverts, yellow pages adverts, and these magazines and it hasn't jumped out at me. So here are the typefaces I'm looking for:

Times New Roman

and I could do with a better example of Eurostile but it isn't necessary... Thanks to anyone that could help me out.


Times new roman is one of the most common type faces...

bembo= the only case i know of was an actual client of mine http://www.georgefox.edu/ their logo is literally Bembo.

The other two im not to sure of.. A good reference for type faces might be wired magazine... Its like a Designers bible and they often experiment with such type faces.

Thanks oldnick, I need to try and find print copies of everything. I'm going to call the LA Times and ask what typeface they use in their newspaper, but sadly I don't think it's Times New Roman because the serifs on the capital S are on an a bit more of an axis than they should be.

EDIT: I've got an older issue of Wired sitting upstairs that I'll pour through. I'm at my grandfather's so the house is full of print media from the 50's and 60's.

Call George fox and ask for them to send you a brochure or something. As long as it has there logo on it i believe it would be legit?

I used to work at a magazine that used Bembo Book. It's not for sale anywhere though.

Tim Gunn's A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style is set in Bembo.

I'll contact them about receiving some information, thanks! Still no sight of Optima, though I think I've found DIN in Glamour, which I must have overlooked. Times New Roman is so common yet so obscure to find.

Thanks for everyone's input! Let me know anyone knows of any other companies that use that. Or perhaps even Caslon.

A good way of recognizing Bembo is to look for the caps A and R. The A has quite a thick crossbar and the leg of the R sticks out a fair bit.

Unless they use the alternate R.

A lot of our journals use Bembo. There are a few articles freely available, for example the PDF of an editorial available from here

...and if that's OK for your purposes, we use Optima in this one – again, a couple of short pieces are flagged as free.

If I was teaching this course, you would get an F for your first assignment.

Look around yourself. And don't be embarrassed to make mistakes.