Font ID: Blocky Rounded Sans Used in Romeo & Juliet Movie

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If you see something, say something!

Mikey :op

PS... If you know an free analogs to this font that would be great. It’s not for myself, but for friend on a budget doing a free project.

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Berthold's Block ExtraCondensed is my guess… Free versions? Dunno, sorry.

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I remember there was a free version of this about 10 years ago, grunge and all, possibly called Romeo.

- Lex

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It's not a true reflection of the treatment of Block that was made for the film, but it may serve you just fine.


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Thank you guys for your responses thus far...


I really don’t like encouraging people to use knock off fonts but I’ll try to find strong bold and condensed types... towards the masculine side.

My mind is totally blank tho.

Mikey :-)

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Lietz Lindau Hamburg from PolenImSchaufenster is quite similar, but lacks … uhm … condensedness, so to speak.

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Typophile delivers!

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