What serif font is used in Graham & Brown?

Can anyone help me identify this font?


The R is Mason Serif.. for most of the rest i would use Trajan Pro with the exception of the & symbol... im still trying to locate that

hmm i was thinking along Trajan as well, but the R threw me off :)

yeah they used Mason Serif for the R.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Kenny, but this doesn't involve either Trajan or Mason, save for the ampersand, which could concievably have been customised from Trajan's. The hard serifs (and the top-left serif on the "N") tell me it's not Trajan, but probably a modification of a standard issue transitional serif. The flat cusp on the "A" is throwing me; several of the other characters are reminiscent of Times.


Nah; the bowl returns to the vertical stroke too soon, and the tail of the R in G&R's logo swoops out and down, whereas Mason's just protrudes straight out from the bowl.

Here's a slightly bigger, though blurrier, sample of the logo.