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I'm looking for critiques on the mark and type, it's for an investment management company which uses complex algorithms to place statistically favorable trades for clients. The client asked for a simple mark and strong, clean type.

The mark represents "sine waves" in the shape of an abstract "M."

Also, how is the kerning?

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For psychological and aesthetic reasons (if not mathematic), I would make the descending curve smaller than the ascending ones.
Also, the type seems a little bit too rough.

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I think the type is to be smaller and each word is to start from capitals

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i opened this hoping it was a Microsoft Paint logo

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The letterspacing (which is not kerning) could use some massaging. Look at the pairs of letters the repel each other the most, like the N-A-L, R-T-N and the R-S combinations. The white space created by those letters stand out among the tighter fitting letters. I would spread it out overall until the white spaces echo the current widest gaps.

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