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Fonts from the Hallmark Design Collection Introduced by Ascender

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Fonts from the Hallmark Design Collection Introduced by Ascender

Ascender today announced an agreement with Hallmark Cards to distribute fonts from the distinguished Hallmark Design Collection, a premium set of script and lettering-style typefaces. Each Hallmark font contains the quality, innovation and care that are reflected in the Hallmark brand.

The Ascender type development team collaborated with Hallmark to produce the fonts in TrueType and OpenType formats, and is making the fonts available today for licensing and instant download from Ascender’s font websites, including AscenderFonts.com and http://FontsLive.com.

For more than four decades, Hallmark Cards has created typefaces influenced by art, fashion and popular culture. These fonts were developed by Hallmark specifically for proprietary use in greeting cards, framed sentiments and other forms of social expression. The agreement allows Ascender to offer designers and developers an exceptional range of script fonts with a rich tradition of typographic excellence.

The fonts in the Hallmark Design Collection feature a wide range of visual styles from timeless calligraphic lettering to handwritten characters with a contemporary look. Hallmark fonts can bring the right personal touch to cards, scrapbook pages, posters, newsletters, presentations, advertisements and websites.

“We are pleased to be working with Ascender to offer these celebrated fonts to everyone from scrapbookers to web developers,” said Jill Wiederholt, Licensing Director at Hallmark Licensing. “The Ascender team shares a passion for creativity and excellence, and understands how to meet the demands for licensing digital fonts in today’s market.”

Ascender worked with the Hallmark lettering and font development team to develop high quality TrueType and OpenType versions with a full complement of glyphs that today’s creative professionals and software developers require. The Hallmark Design Collection fonts feature an impressive lineup of both formal and informal script and handwriting styles, including many with multiple weights. For more information or to view the fonts visit: http://www.ascenderfonts.com/foundry/hallmark/

The Hallmark fonts are also being made available today for use by web designers and web developers through Ascender’s innovative http://FontsLive.com web fonts service. This allows websites to use real fonts (instead of graphics) for formatting text and headlines, thus enhancing a site’s web typography and improving a site’s accessibility, indexability and editability.

Ascender is also proud to offer the Hallmark Design Collection fonts to its broad range of OEM/ISV customers including video game and Blu-ray publishers, software developers, web server application developers, and hardware manufacturers.

About Ascender
Ascender Corporation is a leading provider of advanced font products. Ascender’s founders are font industry experts and have been involved in developing many of the most important and influential fonts used in computers, mobile devices, consumer electronics and software products. Ascender provides multilingual, custom font development for a wide range of customers including creative professionals, enterprises, software developers and hardware manufacturers. Ascender also provides an extensive collection of TrueType & OpenType fonts for download to graphic designers and consumers through its font websites, including www.AscenderFonts.com and www.FontsLive.com

Bill Davis, Vice President
Ascender Corporation
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Bill, why would Hallmark make its proprietary styles available to competitors and the general public?