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Please help! Magazine design - Typefaces for Titles, subtitles and body text

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Joined: 18 Oct 2007 - 11:26pm
Please help! Magazine design - Typefaces for Titles, subtitles and body text

Hello! I'm doing a research and probably a project which the final "product" (only for academic purposes, I emphatize) would be a magazine in which design would be the main subject. I was thinking something in a similar square format as the new Creative Review (after the redesign).

I've looked typefaces such as Apex New, which is one of my favourite "squarish" sans-serifs. Chester Jenkins did an awesome job on that! The typeface is beautiful and it seems to work nicely on body text. (Klavika is beautiful, but I want to see something a little bit different and yet, with some "squarish" proportions)

The other one that seems to fit is "Leitura Sans", by Dino dos Santos for titles and body text.

I also thought about something that could reference something "art-decoish", but then again, Leitura Sans and Apex New have nothing "art-decoish" about them, right? (it seems that Estilo and Camera (althught Camera by Flat-It is beautiful as well, it lacks in variety of styles) could fill this nicely, but then, it would be moving away from the squarish sans-serifs).

My questions are:
1-Is Leitura a squarish sans-serif in the same way that Apex New is? Or is it something of a completely different approach?

2-What typefaces mix well with Leitura?

3-Is there a typeface that could be a "squarish sans-serif" and "art-déco" at the same time? Or are these completely different worlds?

I'm sorry that I ask so many things and have so many doubts, but I'm only trying to learn more about typefaces, styles and magazine/editorial design. And yes, I have the wonderful book/bible by Robert Bringhurst! :-)

Thanks so much for your attention and support!

All the best!

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Joined: 12 Oct 2005 - 12:18pm

1. Someone else may be able shed more light on this, but Leitura doesn't look particularly squarish to begin with to me.

2. For what purpose? Display, or a contrasting, text-size face?

3. Art deco I don't know, but you might look at the two squarish sans faces mentioned in this thread, Allumi and Forza.