Restaurant Redesign (student)

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Restaurant Redesign (student)

Hello, I have to redesign a restaurant’s logo for an assignment, and I would love to get some feedback.

The restaurant I chose offers fine dining as well as a more casual cafe in the front (although you can dress pretty casually in either part of the restuarant). It serves contemporary French cuisine, and the decor is very art nouveau, saying that the main restaurant is set in a turn-of-the-century, restored ballroom. Since the space is so “grand” and the gorgeous chandeliers inside left a lasting impression with me, I wanted to incoroprate the grandness of the space, its art nouveau roots and of course the chandeliers.

I’ve done many versions, but this is the direction my teacher liked best. I’m not exactly crazy about it (I think it may be a little too bulky and unversitle), but the other solutions I had didn’t seem “grand” enough.

Please let me know what you think! Some good, constructive feedback would be wonderful!