Help With An Outline / Drop Shadow Font

Can anybody help identify these fonts. It looks like the same font, one with an outline and one with a drop shadow.



It can't be that difficult can it??????

Doesn't look like any typeface I know. What is it from and when is it from? The two C's in the second sample don't quite match. It may have been hand drawn.

A business forms company here in Florida closed and now we've been asked to reprint some statements for this Electric Company. I'm not sure how far back it goes.

Any chance there's a typeface with the bar on the E that low?

I can always outline and shadow a regular font in Illustrator.

Thanks for any help.

House Industries' Neutraface is similar to the underlying forms.

Thanks Mark for the advice.

That might work.

What's the name of the company?

You might look at Fontek's Enviro. The shadow and outline versions on your stuff look like they were one by the artist creating the stuff for the electric company rather than being from the original typeface itself. The "C" is different between the two samples shown.