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Bas Jan Ader sans-serif

I used to have this typeface, but when I got a new computer, I must not have copied it over, and I can't find any documentation (I guess I never used it). anyway, it's used on the cover of the Bas Jan Ader book and dvd (seen here: http://www.basjanader.com/img/blog_cover.jpg) and throughout the website BasJanAder.com

Anyone have a guess?


Looks like Hermes has been updated for Font Bureau with additional weights/styles.


Disregard that last post. The Font Bureau Hermes is different from ParaType's.

ahh, yes. I have that Font Bureau version of Hermes, and I think somewhere in the back of my head, I had an inkling that was what it was called, but confused beyond rational thought. thanks a lot!