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a quick dirty display face


here is an swf

factory.swf (7 k)

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nice face! i like the way you've solved the D, maybe that should be the basis for the C, G, O, Q and maybe even the E. i really like the Y in the space girl version.
and yes, numbers and scandinavian characters would indeed be interesting to look at.

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I have a confession: Most of my fonts live only in illustrator. So
I dusted off fontographer, cussed a little as I tried to make it
work in os x, and put together a type 1 font. I have polished
up a little and tried to get some decent kerning, spacing etc.
Here is the font suitcase of the caps only.

Any suggestions will be welcomed.

application/x-stuffitFactory Stuffit Archive
Factory.sit (7.3 k)

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I like it a lot, Christian. It has a very Obey Giant feel for me, but that's not a bad thing at all. The "Factory Serif Slim" is too Chank for me, however. The main face is pretty cool and I think you should go that route, very industrial, cyrillic-esque.

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^ It's very geometric, yet it has brush undertones.


While I was building factory I started to manufacture fonts based on the factory template. I was thinking of all the small foundries that are doing retro/tech fonts. This exercise started out as a parody, but there's some super cool stuff. Some are more successful than others. In this case, the process interests me as much as the product.

Click here for More >

factory3.swf (114 k)

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Glad to see you back, post honeymoon. This is exciting.
This is a Typophile first. Dare I say an internet first?
(Ahem, offering the actual face for download and testing.)
I guess it shouldn't surprise me that it's coming from you.

It was with this in mind that we created the "Build"
critique in the "Ascenders" membership class. The goal
is to create an area where font files are made available
for testing by trusted peers as faces get developed.

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Hmm. For some reason the board wanted to add a
.unk extension to this file. After downloading it, I
changed the extension to .sit and was able to
open the archive without a problem.

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one thing that i see is the "C" might be better off with the back side a straight line like the
"G" & "O". other than that i dig all the different
styles you have give this one face. lets see more,
maybe numbers and minimal punct.?

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