(x) Looking for Basilea - discontinued {Grant}

Example of Basilea

Hey guys, Typophile has solved all my problems in the past, so I have no doubt this one will be cracked quickly as well.

I guess this is not essentially an identification request, but I am looking to use a typeface for a project, and I want to purchase it for my client. The problem is that I have the typeface but I cannot find any place that offers it for sale.

The type is called “Basilea” and/or “BasileaFont” and I know it was formerly distributed by Image Club. The only hit I get from Google is this: http://cgm.cs.mcgill.ca/~luc/ICG.txt (a list of Image Club Graphics fonts).

As you probably know, Image Club no longer exists, and while the Image Club Typeface Library is available through Fonts.com, they do not have it in their collection online.

Any ideas or suggestions are highly appreciated!


Grant and Shelley: Can I get Mac postscript version of Basilea form either of you? Thanks - Rich

If you don't hold a license for a font, or how it landed on your computer is questionable, chances are you shouldn't use it and you most certainly shouldn't be passing it along to other people. (Even if it was licensed properly, most/all foundries do not allow sharing their fonts.) If the designer still holds the rights to the design it is well within their rights to not allow a digital version of the font to be made.

Hi Folkert, I guess you’ll have to be a little patient, as Grant — 
our esteemed authority in everything Image Club  — resides
in a timezone which is currently in sleepytime mode.

Ah… Thanks Yves. We wait for Grant.

I’m here! I’m here!

Hi Grant, I'm very new to computers, but have a long standing passion
for type. I found this site while looking for Basilea typeface and do
have a copy of it. Does anyone hold alicence on it, can I use it?

Folkert, Basliea was one of the several hundred typefaces that I personally expunged from the Image Club library for ‘technical quality’ reasons back in 1998. That’s not to say that the face wasn’t usable, it just wasn’t up to the current technical specifications and typographic standards that I had set in place for the newer releases.

The only place you’ll find Basilea these days is on a old copy of Image Club’s LetterPress disc. I have several LetterPress 7.0 CDs in my software archive, which are for sale. Contact me through my profile if you’re interested in following up.


See? Toldya! :-)

THX Grant!