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In a typeface which glyphs are considered Cap-height letters besides the obvious, i.e. numerals and Capitals?

If one wants to alter and make smaller just the x-height of a typeface, (z-height = 446 > 407) and keep the Cap height the same, which other letters besides the numerals and the Capitals should stay the same?


Depends on the character set of the typeface which other characters need to be held the same.

Note that even with lining numerals, they are not always the exact same size as the caps. Sometimes they are slightly smaller. Look at for instance Helvetica, or most any of Robert Slimbach's typefaces. (Though even then they are close to cap height, and need not be reduced if you're changing the x-height.)



Thank you very much Thomas.
I will just reduce the x-height glyphs and then I will see if I have to do any readjustments to the Cap height glyphs, the ascenders and descenders.