Blackwell font, Caps look like Trajan

Hi, can anybody ID this font?
The caps look like Trajan, but they come with lowercase too.
It's not La Gioconda for sure, but I have no idea what this is.
Additionally, tell me whatever font you know that the caps are strictly based on Trajan's and comes with lowercases.
(such as La Gioconda, Capitolium...)


Monkton is close, but the serifs are off. "Byington" is Ray Larabie's version of Trajan with l.c., but it's also not a match.

My Serif Guide is not working for me, or that would be a good place to find this.

- Mike Yanega

This is a custom font called ‘Blackwell’ by—as far as I know—Font Factory. It comes in two roman styles, vaguely reminding me of ITC Giovanni, and a titling variant, which is indeed close to Trajan and Co.

Both of you, thank you very much for suggestion. At least I could confirm who made this.
And I didn't know that such a nunmer of Trajans exsist as digital font.
Maybe Adobe Trajan is too famous.

Other font I found is Amors Serif. Interestingly, it includes sanserif variants.

And I didn't know that such a number of Trajans exist as digital font.
And they’re still increasing! ;-)