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I've got a client who's been set up with a look and feel by an agency which they have now asked me to take on and continue. The company is a fund management company so reasonably dry and corporate but a new company with young heads.

Their initial collateral has been set in Chronicle ( ) a tidy corporate font in my opinion. Problem is, since they've parted ways with their agency, they've been using Georgia, the PC default and are now asking me to set an 80 page doc in this clunky font.

Their overall look and feel is very sophisticated and typographically pleasing. As they deal in millions and billions I'm hoping to convince them to buy me the font but am curious to hear if anyone could suggest an alternative that I could establish as their default print font.

Reasons for the request are
a) tight deadline, and I would like to set some pages of their document in the font to show them that:

b) It's ok for emails and print material to be set in different fonts.

As an aside, I generally dont agree with a company's main copy font being the same as used in their logo - what do you think? I feel you lose contrast between the copy and logo.

Thank-you in advance for reading my long-winded request

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Red flags:

  • The company is a fund management company
  • since they've parted ways with their agency
  • are now asking me to set an 80 page doc in this clunky font
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Thanks for your concern oldnick. However they are a dependable company estranged from their agency as attention-to-detail errors had started to creep in which were unacceptable for them give the nature of the documents.

And they've agreed to buy Chronicle! The only concern for them was consistency between their material printed in-house from word or powerpoint and their designed materials.

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