ATypI 2010 on and elsewhere – reports with many pictures from Dublin

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Hi Typophiles,
it was great meeting many of you in Dublin last month.

I have completed a series of blog posts about this year’s ATypI conference for – in German language, but with lots of images. Here are the links:

More blog articles are available from Martin Majoor, Jean François Porchez, Con Kennedy, Tom Phinney on Extensis, Dan Reynolds on TypeOff and Yves ‘Bald Condensed’ Peters on The FontFeed.

You can also read an ATypI recap in the upcoming issue of TYPO (in English and Czech).

Bye-bye ATypI, see you next year in in Reykjavík!


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Seven posts and this handy wrap-up … I hope they've asked you to be on the board.

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Hah, it seems you still don’t read much German, mein Lieber! In the last episode, I confessed that I skipped the Annual General Meeting …

Here’s another summary in German, by Oliver Linke, for Page.

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Thanks for posting this, Florian!

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You are welcome, Chris! I assumed not everyone had seen these yet.

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