bears and raccoons - type ID

This is probably a straightforward ID but for some reason I haven't yet found the match for this one. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Josh


Thanks, Stavros. Can you recommend any others that are comparable to Knockout? Thanks again.

That is sweet.
I'm curious, where is this from / who made it? (The poster [?] I mean.)

Richard Perez is the talent behind this piece.

Sweet indeed. Thanks.
FWIW I think Knockout is an excellent choice for this – to my eye it manages to strike a rare balance between feeling both modern/DIN-ish and a bit retro/woodtype-y, if this makes any sense. Of course there are many more condensed sans-serifs, but anything you substitute will give a slightly different flavor… So if you're looking for alternatives, it'd help if you can say why, or how they should be different/similar.

I completely agree and get what you are getting at. It is a beautiful "hybrid". I'm just looking for other possibilities that have a similar feel - modern but with a bit of a retro feel. It will be used for display text, all caps. Looking for something less mainstream than say Franklin Gothic, Trade Gothic or Helvetica. Thanks.

Here are a few you might enjoy:
FF Hydra
Galaxie Polaris Condensed
Giorgio Sans
And maybe have a look around Lineto (something like Brauer Neue maybe?).