New release: Ambicase Modern

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Teeline Fonts is proud to announce the the arrival of Ambicase Modern.

Ambicase Modern takes the next step in unicase font design, offering not "either/or", but rather "both/and". Each letter in Ambicase Modern is a combination of its traditional upper- and lowercase forms, in a modern (didone) style. The inventive, hybrid forms that result are intriguing and handsome.

Ambicase Modern stands out as a carefully crafted experimental font: its eccentric forms do not hinder its readability. It is suitable for high-style display settings.

Ambicase Modern offers a large character set and extensive OpenType features. Most notably, in modern OpenType-aware applications, Ambicase Modern can be set in swash mode, which features sophisticated decorative flourishes that differ depending on whether the letter is at the beginning, middle, or end of a word.

Ambicase Modern is available in two optical sizes: Regular and Poster. At very large sizes, the Poster cut, with its finer details, is recommended. An attractively-priced set of both cuts is available.

Ambicase Modern is available in .otf and .ttf format for purchase and download at MyFonts or FontShop.

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Good work and congratulations!

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Dude, that is soooo f***** up.
Way to make a splash!

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I like it.

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I like the clever Q which has a lowercase q in the design. Looks like a really fun font to use.

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What a way to make an entrance indeed. :-)

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Way cool, Craig! Great banners too! :)

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This is soo crazy and soo wonderful! Congratulations on your work! The swashy curly taily upper/lowercase Q is a true masterpiece:)

PS: Does that ij ligature read to me as "Ÿ" just because I'm not Dutch?

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Congratulations, Craig. Nice job.

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Congratulations! :-)

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Impressive work Craig – wonderful to see this out. Much respect!

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Thanks for the kind words, all.

PS: Does that ij ligature read to me as "Ÿ" just because I'm not Dutch?

That very issue came up on the crit board for Ambicase - see the 9 February posts on this page. In sum, the /ÿ/-looking form has precedent in Dutch (particularly in handwritten Dutch) that inspired it here. But to be clear, it's a user-selectable alternate, and only in Dutch, so it won't appear in Dijon, hijack, frijole etc.

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...only in Dutch...

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That's beautiful! Congratulations Craig!

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That's goddamn cool.

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It’s interesting how you start seeing things in the shape of letters once you’re not used to them.
I especially love that A/a.
This is grand!

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Will there be an italic version in the nearer future? ;)
Lovely presentation BTW

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Several letters are impressive, I especially like the A, E. Great work!

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Way Funky design! It's Gorgeous!

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Impressive! I like it very much.

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This great to see it released. Congratulations

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The a glyph is the weekest, in my humble opinion. And the R could be much more sexy (see D, Q). Some hairline thicknesses are a bit unbalanced.

Apart from that it’s a *wonderful crazy typeface*.

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Crazy indeed. Love the attitude. Congratulations.

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so beautiful

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Bravo, my friend!

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Thanks again for the feedback and compliments, all!

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Nice stuff Craig!


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Ambicase Modern takes the next step in unicase font design, offering not "either/or", but rather "both/and".

Well, in fact the same experiment was carried out by Jon Barnbrook with Prototype.
I mean conceptually; of course yours is also permeated by decorative intents.
Very nice.

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You're right, Prototype is a precedent (which came to my attention after Ambicase development was well underway). And even more ambitious in that it melds serif and sans forms. Useful in different contexts than my font, I think.
Thanks, Neil and Claudio, for the compliments!

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Conceptually Prototype is actually quite different, as it must be categorised as an experiment in deconstruction/reconstruction, using existing letter forms (Gill Sans and Perpetua respectively) to create a new typeface. Ambicase is an entirely original design. They may be similar design concepts, but there is an important nuance IMNSHO.

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Of course it has a different additional premise, and of course came earlier, otherwise it wouldn’t have been called "Prototype", right? ;-)
But it was "collaged" just conceptually. Jon did draw the forms.

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