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Hey Everyone– Here is a project that I am working on and I wanted to see if anyone here sees any subtleties that I might have overlooked or if anyone had any feedback. The whole thing is hand lettered and started out as an italic but was converted to a upright script.

The top one is my final and the other two are just to show my process.


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Not a fan of the strokes added to the final

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Hey Penn-

Is there something about them that you don't like or do they just not tickle your fancy?

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Well what do they add? It seems to me they only complicate the design and it would just as well, most likely better, without them. The bottom ones feel cleaner to me, and much more pleasing to look at, though I do like the upright script.

Also, none of the lock-ups seem to work that well. The placement of 'in' doesn't ever feel quite right (though the bottom ones come closer to feeling right than the top one).

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The f sort of reminds me of this Egyptian ankh symbol--which from my brief search has something to do with the sun.


But considering the word faith, might I ask, is it relevant to associate the mark with Christianity? If so, the f could be prodded into a shape more reminiscent of the shepherd's staff (which it also reminds me of).

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What kind of organization is this, and what message are they needing to send to the audience? Right now the style looks like an old game show, or a vintage cooking product. I don't get faith and family from this treatment. Maybe you could describe a bit more about what the brief demanded and how this fulfills it?

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This is intended for a non-denominational Christian project. The message I was trying to send is a friendly one, with heavier, slightly rounded type without being to bubbly. I wanted to make it look slightly classic since the concept behind the project is that tradition drives family. The client also does not want to scream that this is a Christian logo, with crosses, beams of light and halos.

I agree, the final does need to be cleaned up a bit with the center part locking the piece together. I like the idea of opening up the counters in the 'f' characters to make it look more like a staff with a cross in it, rather than the ankh symbol. What do you guys think, anymore suggestions? Should I try a version without the type treatment?

@evanbrog My wife said the same thing once she saw it, but she is Egyptian so it makes sense for her to see an ankh rather than an implied cross. In all honesty the 'f's in the logo are an homage to The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. ; )

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Anymore feedback would be great if anyone has any? I am submitting this pretty soon.

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Have you made any revisions to it?

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would love to see where you are with it so far.

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hey man im a real fan of the design, in my opinion your limiting yourself with no colour on the final... and my personal taste directs me to the centre design.
if you've already made the decision to go with the top one thats cool, i can't see any client not being chuffed with it..

kia ora bro

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