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hi there. i found this gorgeous (to me) type and was wondering if there's a font for it. it's from an industrial brochure and seems to be straight from the CAD software.

it also reminds me a lot of a face used often in japanese video games (though this one is much more crude in its vector paths), if anyone knows of that either.

peep the attached gif or take a look at the source pdf below...

mucho thankerz,

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It does seem like something very similar with something that came with some older (and maybe even recent) versions of Autocad.
I used it many years ago. Look.

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thanks for the effort you two, i appreciate it.

guess i'm just gonna have to get an autoCAD person to type out all the characters for me and i'll manually typeset the words from an imported pdf.

thanks again.

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I can make that PDF for you if you give some kind of contact info.

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gamba.otf-- my email is please feel free to throw in as many of those splendid simplified vector typefaces as you like, i love them. thanks so much, i really appreciate it.

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