FontInstead is online

I want to share with you a tool I developed to help us designers choosing fonts for our css stacks that are similar in aspect values and alphabet widths for a given font size.

The tool, FontInstead, can gather metrics of the fonts you have installed on your computer and give you statistics about gathered font metrics.

Please, visit to let FontInstead analyze your fonts and grow the list.

FontInstead is a beta project. I would appreciate comments, suggestions, bug reports.

Thanks in advance,


Adriano, I find this very interesting. Especially the alphabet length. (I’m guessing that’s pixels.) You should remember that it will vary with different rendering engines. Edit: x-height ratio makes a lot of sense!

I'm happy you appreciate FontInstead.
You're right, alphabet width values are about pixels.
I know font metrics are rendering engine related and I should stress on FontInstead pages that value have relative meaning only. So, thanks for your suggestion.
What do you mean by "Edit: "?

Thanks again,

I wrote something different the first time, and edited my post.

Nice! :-)
The "storing" part is a little slow (and unsettling in wording ;-). Especially since the system don't remember it if one goes back to the page.
Also, it's not clear exactly what is calculated as "alphabet length" (and it gives 0 for some CJK fonts).

thanks for your comment and suggestions. I'm going to collect all of them and improve FontInstead.

Thanks again,