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I'm Giuseppe Salerno, Art Director of -Valencia Spain.

I'm developing some fonts, and i would like you to see my latest
creation called Vito Sans.

this typeface born during the summer of 2010, in a little town
called San Vito lo Capo in Sicily.
this uppercase font is perfect for when you want to use eye-catching
big texts for anything from posters and flyers for concerts, events,
parties, to cd covers, advertisements.

I hope you like like it!

thanks for your time.

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Vito Sans is very interesting, but the (lowercase?) /i/ in your first example could be easily confused for an /o/. The ring in the Aring glyph doesn't need to be touching. The tilde in your accented glyphs is also a bit wobbly. You might also try giving that ring in Aring and the cedilla a bit more weight. Especially the ring.

Nice though!

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Thanks for your suggestion!

I will fix these little things!

VitoSans doesn't have lower case:)

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