(x) Looking for "Fat Scripts" - various {gang}

Hi Guys,

Anybody know of any fonts like/along the same lines as these


I’m after a “fat script” sort of feel. I realise that the logo above is not a font but that is the sort of feel I am after for a logo myself



The second looks like some sort of Cooper Black and the top is Candace … I believe.

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Eclat is always a good choice.

More organic, but no less fun:

Oz Black Italic

Sauna Black Italic Swash

Less ‘fat script’, but a lovely ‘fat’ one, nonetheless, ‘Robusto’, by George Ryan / Galapagos.:
> www.galapagosdesign.com/original/specimen/showings/Robusto.pdf

And, some more ‘fat scripts’.: ‘Bernhard Brushscript’, ‘Kolinsky Sable’ ( Spiece Graphics ), ‘Futura Script’ ( Elsner+Flake ), ‘Mr Sheppards’ ( Sudtipos ), ‘Milkman’, ‘Ballpark Script’ ( Letterhead Fonts ), ‘Jolly Roger’ ( Red Rooster )..

Say Stewf, is there a place where we can report bugs like this one?

Back on topic: if you like Cooper Black Italic, Oz Black Italic and
Sauna Black Italic Swash, don’t forget Goudy Heavyface Italic.
Slightly swashy, with a delicious lc ‘g’, ‘k’ & ‘z’ amongst others.

Yep, Sauna is a great one. As a matter of fact I like ALL of Underware’s fonts — I’m trying to use them all for logo’s for new clients (two down, two to go…).

Thanks guys,

Some great fonts here — really like the ‘Milkman’, ‘Ballpark Script (thanks Dav(id) Hubner) and the Goudy Heavyface Italic (Yves Peters) just the type i was looking for..

Anymore would be appreciated for futrue reference.

thanks again

I will need to take some time and comb through these posts again to see if there are any of these that I need to add to the Script Font ID Guide.

There are many other fat scripts in Parts 7 and 8 of the Guide , especially from SignDNA, Art & Sign (Signfonts.com) and Nick Curtis (also some in Part 6, and maybe even 5, depending on your definition of ‘script’).

Sheesh. Motter Femina. D’oh!

( I just had to know, and post, this, Tiffany, Othmar Motter is a fellow Austrian.. )

Oh, and my brandnew favourite ‘fat script’ has to be ‘Geetype’, by Nick Cooke / G-Type..
( Since it has been posted at Typographica.. )

Whaddayaknow: guess what comes with the most recent QuarkXPress
update*, amongst a bunch of bland fonts? Indeed: Stilla! Wikkid …

Yeah, I know, don’t ask, it’s my employer who makes me use it … :-(

Sorry to point out to FontShop people, but Stilla is a typeface designed by Fran

I was just going to point this out, too. I mean, R. Hunter Middleton was 75 in 1973 and was most active about 40 years earlier. I’ve seen this incorrect attribution on every site that sells or has information about Stella.

I have a copy of the Letraset catalog from 1984 which contains the following credit line with Stilla and Stilla Caps: “Fran

Thanks for the alert, boys. I’ll make sure it gets changed.

Thanks for the memories of booth type designers, and specially for F Boltana who died really too early…