(x) Process Excellence

help me to ID font for “Process Excellence”

Thanks a lot!


Trajan from Adobe

And the only reason you beat me is because I have some dignity. Come on, guys, Trajan?!  ;-)


Some Font-IDs serve no better purpose (other than helping someone out) than to set land-speed records.

Damn right, Jared. They’re just jealous we beat them fair’n’square.

And David, need I remind you you once told Stephen he could “eat your beard” when you beat him in a Type ID shootout?… ;)

I had a 3-minuter yesterday, but no one noticed because everyone else was pursuing six degrees of Coles at that moment. OK, it was Souvenir, but still, that was three minutes and a link…!

I know, Dave, but you were already ranked up there in the Typophile Hall of Fame. I still needed my first 3-minute score. No way I’m gonna set the frequency of my e-mail app to less than 9 minutes. I’ve got work to do, you know.

And BTW Trajan is not more difficult than Souvenir Bold. I’m not saying this was particularly hard or anything.

Work? Shh! Don’t let my boss hear!

Thank you Yves!

Thank you guys!


Hiii-YAH! 3 minutes! Eat your heart out, Stephen, Tiffany and Dave! =D

Oh, by the way Serge: here’s your link. ;)

Wow Jared, 4 minutes! Not too shabby… (grin grin)

Aaah, sometimes it just feels good to be an overenthousiastic immature Belgian bozo.

BTW Jared sorry for cheating. I know you took the time to link straight away, but I really wanted an ID in less than 5 minutes. Yours was too anyway. ;)

“Damn I’m fast!”
(Leonardo Di Caprio in

Grr.. The only reason you beat me to it is because I was building the link :-) I wonder if we need to start keeping score. Stephen, have you gathered any statistics around this?

This is going to end in tears, clearly.