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here is a sample of a new font released for sale NETSACH.
it is a Mekorot type face

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as KOREN it's perpose is for use for TANACH in big letters say 16-18 Pt.
not so readable at small letters. but has a nice feel to it.

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The typeface is very attractive. Good luck.

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>> The typeface is very attractive. Good luck.


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Have you tried to draw a modern sans-like typeface?

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I desing all kind of hebrew fonts also sans serif.

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As my rosh hayeshiva told me once, "flex your muscles, kid"

show us what you got.

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"Netsach" is excellent. My wife thought the numerals were very good.

An interesting phenomena... I REALLY liked the title נצח
set in Bold (or was it Extra Bold) and I liked the Text
ששירת מטרות חינוכיות
which was set in Medium (or maybe Bold). I liked the Regular, but less.
In retrospect, I think that this is because as the type face is made heavier
so the details become less visible and the basic underlying shape becomes
more dominant.

A little critical point. I think the Zayin is not sufficiently distinguished from
the Vav. This is because the Vav is already rather ornate and so adding even more
to the Zayin is difficult.

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Impressive. This has real charm, and a lovely rhythm. Congratulations!

The only character that I don't like is the shin, where the lower left space seems pinched. Also I wonder about some of the kerning, like on "chayav" and "l'kayem", where the final letter seems too far from the two yods.

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