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I will need to do a website for a book (downloadable chapters, extras, etc.).
Anyone happens to know any good example of such a thing, from where I could draw some inspiration?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi riccard0, not actually a website for a book, but css beauty has some fine websites.

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Here's one for Doyald Young's books. (The Dangerous Curves book has the most detail.)

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Thank you both for the links!
I probably should’ve mentioned that (unfortunately) it will not be a design book, rather a technical one.
So if anyone has suggestions on how they would like a companion site to a book be like, they’re welcome too! :-)

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I don't know many examples, but here's one.

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Sorry, I thought that said boobs sites.
Too much Jessica Rabbit.

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i think i know what your referring to. but basically in my app developping class, (interactive media) we have a book that is for developing iphone and ipad apps using html css and java. They took and make the entire book online as an experiment and people can comment on the chapters. from what i can tell they simply posted the material in a wordpress structure.. anyways heres the site for the book. maybe this will help?

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Bárbara and Kenny - Thank you for the links: they gave me some useful ideas.

Nick - I'm sorry I disappointed you! ;-)

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Yup, still waiting for the Typophile post, "I need font suggestions for a porn site I'm designing," and Hrant replying "Please be more explicit."

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A few years ago a design firm in the UK produced a calendar of pinup-style illustrations, with the drawings made entirely of type.

Here are some samples. (Warning to the easily offended: they contain pinup-style illustrations)...

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