My personal Buisness card... typographic problem..

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Hi everyone!

I just made my buisness card for me, with a front and the back as you can see.

I just think that I'm having some typographic problems with the back of the buisness card.. what do you think?



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The front is centered and emphatically justified, and the back is neither.

The use of all caps gives too much emphasis to the relatively unimportant words cell, e-mail, and web.

The large and uneven space following the words cell, e-mail, and web is distracting. I suggest a smaller, even space, achieved either by centering all 3 lines or by keeping the left alignment but not aligning the telephone number, email address, and URL on a tab. Another possibility would be to omit the words cell, e-mail, and web entirely, because it's fairly obvious what those things are.

To my American eyes, the space before and after the dash in the telephone number looks too big. Is that the convention for Italian telephone numbers?

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Why periods after «e-mail» and «web»? They're not abbreviations. «Cell» also isn't the sort of abbreviation that I'd put a period after. But maybe this is local usage.

Why is «web» highlighted? Is it more important than the other 2 things?
(Also notice that while it's highlighted in terms of color value, in terms of brightness the pink stands out less than the white. To my eye – and depending on how the print is, etc. – these 2 variables of hue and brightness/contrast work against each other, which may be problematic.)

Seeing that your URL is [lastname] [firstname], would it make sense to have your logo that way round too?

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Better. Here's my take on it if you don't mind :) -

1. space lines closer together
2. use smaller font size - just try printing out what you have at the moment, it will look ZOOMED IN
3. remove periods after CELL/EMAIL/WEB and get rid of all caps
4. use "email" instead of "e-mail"
5. add www. to the web address - I know that it's not needed, but it looks more conventional this way
6. add country code to the phone number
7. put it all on a white background - there is some reasonably priced black/white duplex stock available

Also I would strongly suggest to NOT use a Gmail address, or any shared email service provider for that matter. Why would I want to email Google when you have your own domain?


If it were my card, I would also drop cell/email/web altogether. In fact, I would've also dropped the web address, set the email address to and painted purple. Like so:

But it's me, I just like it minimalistic :)

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I'd agree on leaving off cell/e-mail/web, unless you've got more than one phone number on there I don't see any reason to label any of those.

Also, on the front side of the card the spacing of "graphic" and "designer" seems a bit awkward to me. I'd probably uniformly align "brand + graphic designer" under your name.

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