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Crete Rounded... exclusively for web use

Crete Rounded is a tailored version of Crete created specially to serve as corporate typeface for the upcoming type design competition Letter.2. Veronika Burian, the original designer of this award winning typeface, modified terminals and serifs to create two new fonts that deliver a more contemporary and functional appearance than the original Crete. Furthermore, the new styles proved to be surprisingly efficient for web use. For the time being, TypeTogether is making it available exclusively through our webfonts partners.

GET CRETE ROUNDED AT FONTDECK: http://fontdeck.com/typeface/crete
GET CRETE ROUNDED AT TYPEKIT: http://typekit.com/fonts/crete-rounded-web
ALSO COMING SOON AT WEBINK (http://webink.com/) AND FONTSLIVE (http://www.fontslive.com/)

Buy a font, get a free gift from pixmac

With your font purchase you receive 5 credits at our partner pixmac.com. Pixmac is an extensive stock photography and vector illustrations bank that already carries over 11 million images.

VISIT PIXMAC: http://pixmac.com/
BUY FONTS NOW: http://www.type-together.com/catalogue

LFT Etica Italics

The beautifully crafted sans serif LFT Etica, designed by LeftLoft Studio in Milan, has now a full set of italics for all of its weights. Aesthetically resting somewhere between a grotesque and humanist sans serif LFT Etica successfully combines masculine force with female delicacy. At the same time it delivers a striking appearance without compromising legibility.

SEE MORE: http://www.type-together.com/LFT%20Etica

TypeTogether for everyone

We have received many queries about using our typefaces on websites and we want to make sure all of our customers have all the necessary tools to work on a wide range of media. Hence TypeTogether has partnered up with four trusted companies that are able to reliably serve our fonts for your websites and provide you with the necessary technical support. We invite you to check out their website and start enjoying TypeTogether's fonts on the web.

FONTDECK: http://fontdeck.com/foundry/typetogether
FONTSLIVE: http://www.fontslive.com/catalog/?ff=59
TYPEKIT: http://typekit.com/foundries/typetogether
WEBINK: http://webink.com/

Veronika on Typeradio

The TypeRadio crew interviewed Veronika Burian at the European Design Awards in Rotterdam earlier this year. They talked about TypeTogether, Veronika's beginnings in typography, and the position of the female type designer nowadays and many other interesting topics in this 18-minute podcast.

LISTEN TO IT NOW: http://www.typeradio.org/loudblog/index.php?cat=Burian,Veronika

Student Type Design Competition

Veronika was invited to be part of the jury, together with Pilar Cano, Barbara Kęsek-Bardel, Robert Oleś and Kuba Sowiński, in the international student type design competition. It is being organised by the Polish New Art Foundation ZNACZY SIE to commemorate the birth centennial of Czesław Miłosz - a poet, writer, translator and Nobel Laureate. All currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate.

VISIT THE WEBSITE: http://znaczysie.pl/pl/wydarzenia/aktualnosci/

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