A smart way to test typefaces for logotype use?

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This is how I do it:
I have a personal selection of typefaces of my liking that I keep in a folder (my "best").
I have imported this folder in a set in Font Explorer.
I have created an illustrator file containing a line for every different typeface, one after the other. I can use the function "find&replace" to change all the dummy text to my desired logo word.

How do you do that? Do you use something online like myfonts? Maybe you use your font manager and then you just activate the ones that might work?

The trick is to create a system that is fast, does note engulf the computer, and is portable (think about a freelancer who is often offsite, working in an agency).


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I draw the type myself instead.

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That sounds like a shotgun approach. While perhaps appropriate at times, it's usually easier to go into a project with a sense of what you need for typefaces so you've narrowed down the selection tremendously before you even click on the font menu.

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