I would appreciate general feedback on this image database I've been working on, and I would also like fellow Typophiles to get involved and contribute on any level. Cheers, RD


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I love it. I wish there was an RSS feed so I could be informed of new additions.

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Nice. But it's lettering, not type.



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Perhaps only sticklers like us will care, but Nick is right. Otherwise I like it very much. Well edited — most of the entries are interesting. On the auto tip, here is a collection of chrome lettering organized by tag.

Andreas Stötzner's picture

Compliment. A wonderfull collection and a very handsome presentation.

If only one had the time to sort out things from the own stock and to contribute …

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Hi Richard, great you made it to Typophile, welcome!

I’ll repeat what I’ve said on Twitter recently:

Great site indeed. Although I wish you would put these pics on Flickr* [or introduce a comment/tag functionality on your site]—without tags &c, it’s just a big album, not a resource, nor a community. And yes, I would like to add tags myself.

*) What I like about Flickr is the fact that it is modular. You can add your photos to one or more groups. There are several places for signage, lettering etc., e.g. Signpaintr or Typewalk.

Some groups focus on a subtopic, like neon signs or vintage motel signs. Others collect examples for an even narrower field of interest: there are groups for single characters like the Dutch IJ/ij or the German capital Eszett.

I know that Flickr has its downsides aswell (proprietary/Pro usage not free, among others).
And: we would need to develop a useful and commonly agreed upon terminology.

This project looks promising, but hasn’t quite started yet: http://colettering.com/

More related sites:


Andreas Stötzner's picture

… without tags &c, it’s just a big album, not a resource, nor a community.

You have a point here. When a larger stock of photos becomes searchable, that is much more interesting than having just a bunch of images, however beautiful they might be. Considering that, Colettering.com looks quite promising, and yet I wonder if contributors will be able there to establish their own categories (”beer labels”) instead of being restricted by the default set of tags.

Flickr may be a suitable platform to let typophile photo collections grow. But: a group “typography and lettering” comprising more than 86.000 pieces seems rather useless to me.

By the way, I find also this collection of blackboard lettering quite enchanting.

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Appreciate everyone's feedback & ideas, thank you!

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Colettering project looks great, love the interface & functionality... I am somewhat limited w/ using indexhibit, and not being able to write code, i wish i could find a programmer out there that was into typography - sorry sticklers "lettering" and wanted to help build TA properly... until then i'll just keep the images coming...

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I'd follow this via RSS and/or Flickr. Nice work.

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Thank you for your interest in Colettering.
Before we started our colettering project we looked for similar projects or alternatives.
We then decided to create something new, because we haven't found a project with our key properties.

some are:
- not another photoblog
- standardized tagging for the specifications (no duplicates "sans-serif", "sans serif")
- additional (free) tagging (add color, factory ore something like that)
- geolocation
- all properties are searchable and can be combined (specification, character, location)
- beautiful and simple interface :)

During the last few weeks I've fixed the most tasks and bugs on our roadmap,
so I am very confident to start soon with the beta version.


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It's very promising, Jörn. Can't wait.

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Typarchive may not strictly be type, but it's lots of fun to browse.

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Jörn, I don't think I could possibly be more excited after that demo video of Colettering! Incredibly promising.

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