Herb Lubalin Resume Circa 1966

Humorous resume by Herb Lubalin as published in the 1966 newsletter, "Thumbnail", Art Directors and Designers (ADDA) of New Orleans, http://typophile.com/node/53937

This delightful memory was recently discovered in the archives of AIGA New Orleans. ADDA was the forerunner of AIGA New Orleans.


Really interesting. A few short years before Avant Garde, ITC, and U&lc and he's fed up and thinking about retiring to teach.


Back in "the day" ;-)


What I do know is that he made a big impression here, several of the old timers whose oral history we have taken, refer to Herb Lubalin's visit here.

More usually the talent brought in for lectures here or for judging design competitions were commercial artists or folk such as Arthur Paul, Vice President and Art Director of Playboy magazine (1968.)

What is really interesting is that Lubalin was about type, and many people don't think of "typography" and "New Orleans" (or the South) in the same breath.

See ya 'all here in New Orleans at TypeCon 2011!

This is wonderful, Nancy, thank you for this. What other typographic treasures have you unearthed?

I remember delivering U&lc layouts to Herb at his home in the Village when he was ill, but unfortunately never got to work with him directly as U&lc was done completely at his studio until his passing, when it was moved to the ITC office.

Hi Ilene,

Post WWII the boys coming home from was in the European theatre brought with them an eye for the International style—we know this from what little graphic design history has yet been published here in the US. This holds true for little markets, such as South Louisiana.

The typographic tradition local to New Orleans goes back centuries, there have been type foundries here for quite some time. Come to TypeCon 2011 in New Orleans and experience first hand this great legacy.