Garamond Variation. Need expert Help

So i've had our vector logo for a while and I've never been able to find the exact type face for this. The closest I've been able to come is ITC Garamond Book Italic. That's what 'whatthefont' says it is. But I know for sure when looking at certain letters that it is not this. Could anyone figure this out? I have been wanting to know FOREVER!!



It does look like ITC Garamond Book Italic. Two differences: the ascenders in the "l" and "h" are a little higher in your logo, and your logo is a touch heavier. The heaviness could have been achieved by a photostat with a shorter exposure. The higher ascenders may be a feature of the pre-digital version or a custom tweak.

What is photostat exactly? Is this something you can do in a vector program? Thanks for your assistance in this.


Gosh I'm old...

A photostat is how we would scale our artwork back in the pre-digital days. It's a high resolution reproduction made from a camera that would output high contrast black and white art onto photo paper. By increasing or decreasing the exposure time, we could fatten or thin an image.

We would take this art and paste it up onto a mechanical, and...

I could go on, but why bother? You're lucky you don't have to do this anymore. Same with specifying type by counting characters, cutting rubylith overlays, and all kinds of processes that are no longer needed.

One way to fatten type in a vector program is to add a stroke.

( I should have said this in the beginning.)