Critique welcomed

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should i keep bothering? any thoughts?

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Is the illusion of depth intentional? I guess it doesn't matter. To me the subtle 3D effect is the only really good thing this design has going for it, so I would recommend to continue it, yes, but with that as the focus.


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thanks for the advice, this is my first attempt at making a font, and yeah the

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same response as Hrant. 3d element is best aspect of design.
Rarely done this well in my opinion. A bit more uniformaty would help. Reminds me of work by dutch designer Max Kisman. He was doing similar work around 1991, some of it was release with fontshop,

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thanks for the feedback.. i checked Max Kisman's stuff.. it's pretty good.
This was done for a school project and my teacher insisted that each character consisted on two

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I too agree with Hrant and Ole... I also like the combination of curved elements with 90- and 45-degree angles at the corners...

Please keep posting the evolution of your typeface!

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Looks great. Where can i buy it? or maybe a free version?

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