Dot font

I know the topic of dotted fonts has been on here before, mainly around the Stella McCartney logo, but could anyone please suggest any similar fonts to this logo as the Stella McCartney suggestions are not quite right! Would like a font that is not digital looking, more elegant and has as few dots as possible, as I'm looking to have it die cut so need the dots at a reasonable size.

This is probably a commissioned job that has be drawn but any font suggestions welcome.



Do a font search for "ticker tape"...

These are great guys thanks for the quick response & the links.. any fonts that have less dots?

The problem is that, the fewer the dots, the harder is for the typeface to appear “more elegant”.
You can see it for yourself following the tag-links on the pages I linked to.

Edit: anyway, you can always modify the Fontstruct’s one to fit your needs.

Thanks, just wanted to see what was out there first I'll probably have to draw it up myself.
The elegance was more of a reference to being not so digital and I need few dots so that the individual dot size if is big enough when scaled up to die cut on a letterhead!

This is one from Brighton based Colophon is rather nice: