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Help ID this Roman serif font

Please help id this font for me

I believe that it is hand drawn, I have a feeling that it is out there or something that is very close to this.

I have the following letters

AL: http://www.scholarlytype.com/its/al.jpg

GH: http://www.scholarlytype.com/its/gh.jpg

z: http://www.scholarlytype.com/its/z.jpg

i: http://www.scholarlytype.com/its/i.jpg

Thanks so much for looking.


The A foot serif seems to be the most distinctive thing about these samples. These are the only letters you have ever seen?

Not one of those letters is included in the 12 key letters for my Serif Font ID Guide, but if you have other letters, you can use that to see if it matches any existing fonts.

Without more samples, that's the best I can suggest.

- Mike Yanega