FontomType's pre­miere release: Skyhook Mono

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Joshua Lurie-Terrell already wrote about SkyhookMono on MyFonts Blog. So I am in the grateful position that I can let others speak about my typeface and let it shine out of itself:

“[...] Skyhook Mono is quite possibly the most flexible monospaced font in years. It includes dozens of features you wouldn’t expect in a modern and ultra-simplified design: case-sensitive forms, true italics, both old style and lining numerals, fractions, titling forms, arrows, both decorative uppercase and lowercase ligatures, multiple weights (which maintain the same metrics), a full Greek alphabet, and an enormous range of accented characters. At over 600 glyphs per cut, it is perfectly suited for many of the tasks and involved projects that only the richest booktype families were capable of in the past.

Try it out for yourself - currently, a free sample weight is available for download.”

Some links:

SkyhookMono on MyFonts
MyFonts Blog

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Thank you riccard0!

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We quickly disrupt the programm for some breaking news: Skyhook Mono is now #28 on Hot New Fonts! Go, go, go!

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