SARK Brief; Research [part 1]

Being my very first real life brief I was quiet excited to start this work, since I have only just entered my 2nd year on my university course.
The brief was to create a logo design for a newly invented slash proof material, which is better than Kevlar, tested and proven. We had to bare in mind 4 key words, being; Protection, Safety, Innovative and Futuristic, also we had to make sure the design could still be easily recognisable on a smaller scale e.g. clothes label size, since that is where the logo will be seen most of the time.
We got the presentation delivered to us by 1 of the 4 owners of SARK Technology, which seemed pretty standard, I took notes, like you do and found myself accidentally stumbling across an idea half way through the presentation from the sketch he has produced showing what his slash proof material looked like in its molecular form. I tried not to think to much about my design once the presentation was finished as I still needed to research to give me more ideas. After some researching I soon fell back to the original rough design annoyingly, so I did a quick computerised version on Illustrator to see if it really would work. It didn't, the main part did, but the extra parts (probably would remove them from further development anyway) didn't work very well, therefore ruining the whole design. So I went back to researching happily to find and create better design ideas.

(Image attached; The idea I came up with during the presentation, in computerised form)