neo-grotesque with double-storey g

i came across a poster on the tube (london underground) about a year ago for an exhibition at the hayward gallery and was struck by the typeface used.

earlier today i found a similar typeface used within a young designers portfolio and it re-awakened my curiosity.

on review, they are two different typefaces - though it is not easy to see on the example i have found online, the hayward gallery face has and angled terminal on the top of the lowercase t, where as the revolver face has a horizontal terminal.

help identifying either one would be very appreciated.


Revolver Art... is Akkurat Bold. (with a slight tweak on the t)

you've hit them both on the head!

i took some detailed pictures of the hayward poster on my phone, and have just compared them to akkurat bold - there is a slight difference in the weight (which i think has been achieved by adding an outline to the text) but they are definitely the same typeface.

thank you so much for your help!